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We would love to display them and share them with the public and with future generations.

The following photos show some of the displays within the Museum.  Remember this is a work in progress so visit often!

This area is for some of our newer displays which are in progress! 

Sunrise on Saturday before Veterans Day 2019


This is a photo of the finished display in the Museum of Lt. Everett Harris after his brother Larry shared the story with us.

New Civil War split rail fence around the cannon emplacement

Big Vietnam Diorama

Dog Tag Printing Machine

Austin Webb's Display



Comic Books

The above pictures are of uniforms of his USAF time donated by Joe Thompson

New Flags were hung up.

New Uniform Displays

Life Belt from the D-Day Invasion

SR-71 Display

The above pictures are the SR-71 Start Cart our newest major addition


Displayed 1962 Officers Navy Sea Cadet uniform donated by Robert Colson, World War II Navy Veteran who was on the USS ENTERPRISE CV-6 guarding Doolitte's planes on the Hornet when Doolittles Raiders took off to bomb Japan. He was a decorated Veteran of the Pacific War.  He later was an Officer in the newly formed Naval Sea Cadets.  His displayed uniform is one of the first uniforms worn by the officers.  Photo is of Robert wearing the uniform in1962. 

Display frames donated by Tony Pinto of his family's military service.

Photo of a Rare gun that used to belong to a Taliban Leader, with the certification.

Camp Far West Display

Uniforms on Display.

First Sgts Streamer.

HMONG Tribute Plaque




The following items are from Yuba City VFW post 2563 which was recently decommissioned.

This display is as follows:

This Display is some of the new items were donated by Headquarters United States Forces - Iraq, Baghdad. 4 star General Austin with engraved plaque and his coins, Major General Buchanan signed photo and his Iraq worn uniform, a signed photo of Command Sgt Major Allen, metal signs from Joint operations Command at HQ, American flag and Iraqi flag flown at Al Faw Palace Victory Compound, signed photo of MG Perrin personnel Security Det. in which TSgt Nicole Hicks served in. It was her WHO SET UP THIS DONATION AND CAME OUT WHEN BOXES ARRIVED. Many plaques in wood display cases that were displayed at Al Faw Palace that had been given to the American Command by different Iraqi Forces, and Command Groups plus other items from the Command Center. This is a truly AWESOME and very Historical collection from the headquarters in Baghdad that were donated by the Armyís top Commanders in Iraq to the Museum of the Forgotten Warriors as the U.S. is turning over to the Iraqis the HQ and coming home. THANK YOU TO ALL OUR TROOPS AND TO THESE COMMANDERS AND TROOPS WHO SHARED THIS GREAT HISTORY WITH THE MUSEUM !! MG Buchanan's uniform is now on a mannequin for the displays.

A Cannon being installed in the fort!

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