VOLUNTEERS  At the Museum


Museum of Forgotten Warriors Work Day 20 October 2018




Marine recruits, Sgts. and volunteers August 25th

Volunteers take a lunch break.

Jake Eulberg and Jack Odom Working on a storage facility


Cary Simpson doing some clean up work.


We had a blast helping out today and appreciate everything you've put together to honor all those who served. Attached are the pictures of our group. In order from the left we have A1C Nelson, SrA hambright, SSgt Noyes, A1C Phelan, A1C Lierz, SrA Shaw, and SSgt McCrickard. Not pictured is SrA Reed.
Thanks again! 
SSgt Noyes


Boy Scout Troop 513 visit to the Museum.  They also volunteered  to help with the flags.


Sea Cadets  volunteers from the Matthew Axleson Post lowering the Flags at the Museum.

Austin Webb - Board member and 'Super' Volunteer cleaning up the museum tool room.


Jake and Joe Volunteering to put up a new equipment display cover.


SSgt. Shawn Farrelly and his shop airmen from the 9 AXS / MXFS (Aircraft Structural Maint. Group) from Beale Air Force Base volunteered and were awesome !


Volunteers from the 9th AMXS (USAF) stationed at Beale Air Force Base helped clean up the equipment for Memorial Day and placed flags to honor all those who have given their lives for our freedoms.  Thank you for your service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Volunteers from the 9th Security Forces Sqn (SFS) from Beale Air Force Base.


Awesome Beale Air Force Base Volunteers from the 9th AMXS, set up by their First (Shirt) Sgt. Davis helped place parking lot fencing today at the Museum. 


Volunteers from the  9th Intelligence Squadron - USAF from Beale Air Force Base put up awning covers for the SR - 71 Start Cart, jeeps and the Deuce and a half truck today at the Museum.

Jake Eulberg, Don Schrader, Larry Houk and Dann.  They are not only awesome people, but are a great asset to the Museum with their volunteer work for the Museum.  Thanks guys !!!!!!!!


Volunteers from the 9th MUNS (Munitions Sqd)

From left to right: Ssgt blake anderson,Ssgt troy vinton,Tsgt aaron moore,Sra wade west


John Oji' and his committee members from the Yuba / Sutter Aero Sqn visit to Museum to put out flags for the 1st Cav Reunion


Volunteers from the 9th Security Forces at Beale AFB Cleaned up the Museums Equipment Aug 26, 2015


 Volunteers from Beale AFB (9th FSS) helped clean up on Aug 19 to prep for the Viet Nam 1st Cav reunion set for Aug 28.


Volunteers from the 9 FSS at Beale AFB helped get the Museum ready for Memorial day. love the way the flags look after they put them out!!!!!!!!!!


Photo taken tday of Volunteers from the 9TH FSS from Beale AFB.

Airmen Volunteers at museum on 21Feb., 2015

Don Schrader installing glass doors in display cases.

Airmen volunteers from Beale AFB Airmen Leadership School cleaning new glass panels for the display cases in the main building.  24 Jan 2015

Volunteers from the Airmen Leadership School helped with case glass cleaning and viewed the displays.  24 Jan 2015










 Yuba City Home Depot Volunteers building the military equipment park!







John Buras working on the new case where his son's Michaels display will go. Michael was killed in Afghanistan.

ALS Unit members from Beale volunteering at the museum on Sat. Jan 26, 2013 paving decorative rock along Veterans Walk.


Sat. Jan. 26, 2013 ALS volunteers from Beale AFB Prtsenbarger School who helped with cases with Verne and Arni (vets),


Yuba Sutter Volunteers working on prepping the area for the recent ceremony.


Carl Stockmal (owner) of Yuba Sutter Telephone Co. putting in the lines for the system he donated.  Thank you Carl !!

Vern and Jeremy work on the new cases.

Suk Paen and Jeremy from the Home Depot volunteer to put up the cases for the grant of materials from the Home Depot.


Steve Frey, USAF Vet volunteers to help with the new cases.


USN Vet and board member Jake Eulberg hanging posters Oct 2012

Fresh paint on bomb casings and USMC Ontos by Maj. Cary Simpson Oct 2012.

Maj. Cary Simpson USAF volunteering by painting the Korean War Chopper, he also did the Ontos.


Painting the Navy Water Trailer


Maj. Simpson painting the1945 dated power cart/tug.

Cary touching up paint on Landing Craft for Veterans Day Parade.

Tommy Holtzman SO-PE District 11 Flotilla 35, Coast Guard Aux. readies the LCVP to haul in the Marysville Veterans Day Parade.  Tommy donated his time and trailer to the the landing craft to the parade last year and again this year.


Volunteers from Beale AFB 9th Security Forces work on the jeep on Sat. 10/20/2012, SSgt Capri Morris, SSgt Jeremy DelVaux and SSgt Robert Seawright. Thank you for your help and USAF service!  Welcome Home.

MSgt Scott Wolf and 548 ISR Group USAF Volunteers helped the museum get ready for 9/11 Day.  They cleaned up, weedeated and changed jeep tires on displays.  Thanks to all for their service and help  9/10/2012



Board member and veterans advocate Vern Sorenson USMC - Vietnam.  Volunteered to lay carpet in the museum library.


Mary Webb (Vietnam vet USAF at Tan Son Nhut AB) volunteered to paint the museum library office with her husband Austin (Vietnam vet at Tuy Hoa)


Mary and Austin Webb (both Vietnam vets) with plaques they donated from their Vietnam Service.


Jake Eulberg a board member doing some dry wall work.


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