Hmong Veterans

General Vang Pao


General Vang Pao was a major general in the Royal Lao Army. He was a leader in the Hmong American Community in the United States and lived in Clovis, California.

Vang Pao was a charismatic Laotian general who commanded a secret army of his mountain people. This army fought with the US troops in the long, losing campaign against Communist forces in Laos. After the war, Vang Pao immigrated to the United States and achieved almost kinglike status as the Laotian people's leader-in-exile.

It is believed that the Museum of the Forgotten Warriors is the only museum in the United States that recognizes the Laotian people's contribution to our war effort in Southeast Asia.

The Hmong display case D-76

Museum of the Forgotten Warriors, 5865 A Road, Marysville, CA, East of the city of Marysville, off of North Beale Road

 Hours:  Saturday,  Memorial Day, Veterans Day, 9:00 to 1:00 during the summer, 10:00 to 2:00 during the winter

Telephone number: 530-742-3090

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