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Rare Item Displays

The museum contains some rare and unusual items 

The cowling from a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. It was recovered from the trash at Beale Air Force Base. All those who worked in the SR-71 program at the base and have visited the museum have signed this canopy. The roof of the canopy is reserved for pilots.

The trophy awarded to Major James Sullivan and Major Noel Widdifield for the 1974 SR-71 transatlantic speed record between New York City and London, England. The record of 1 hour, 54 minutes, 56.4 seconds still holds for the 1,806 miles per hour flight.

 The Navy Congressional Medal of Honor awarded from 1913-1917

The Navy Congressional Medal of Honor awarded from 1917-1942

The Air Force Congressional Medal of Honor awarded from 1960-Present

The Army Congressional Medal of Honor awarded from 1862-1896

"Tears of oil" recovered from the USS Arizona (BB-39). Permission was given by the Park Service for divers to collect the oil before it reached the surface.

A WWI war service certificate, US Marine Corps, awarded to Arthur Davis. Arthur served on Guam. His unit had the distinction of firing the first American shots of WWI against the Germans. The marines discovered SMS Cormoran II tied at the dock in Apra Harbor. They captured the vessel two hours after the US declared war on Germany

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