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Newsletter # 38 May 2021

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Hello, Everyone,


I apologize for being late. My sister had surgery. I went to help her and am a bit behind. We were able to stay open all of April! Things are beginning to get busy as they usually do this time of year.


The chaplains from Beale AFB met at the Museum and plan to meet in May as well. We are happy to give them a quiet place to get together.


The Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association had a bounce house, bbq, and egg hunt at the Museum on Saturday, April 3. It was organized chaos. Austin Webb, our venerable board member and volunteer had a bad fall that day. He is doing well now and has been back at the Museum for about a month. He is our oldest volunteer but keeps everyone else in line!


The combat veteran bikers returned a couple of weeks later and took down the tarps covering the deuce and the jeeps. The tarps were shredded in the winter storms.


Don and I burned the pile of rubbish in the back pasture that hasn’t been burned for about five years. Ask me sometime how I scared a biker . . .


The fire extinguishers were serviced, and the carpets were cleaned as a part of regular maintenance. Members of the SAYLove organization will be at the Museum on May 29 to help with some clean up projects. That will be a big help.


We have enjoyed our Saturday lunches and are looking forward to Memorial Day. The Museum will be open that Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., closed Sunday, and open Monday May 31 for Memorial Day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Sea Cadets and Boy Scouts will help put up and take down the flags on the road.

I am looking at hip replacement surgery in June. I will see the surgeon on Wednesday. This will not affect the Museum. The guys can handle it just fine if I can’t come out. They may have to bring a sack lunch one Saturday. . . we will see!


I have applied for another grant through the state but haven’t heard anything at this time. 


Check out the website. Bill Crocker has taken over for Harlan and has made some changes.


We plan to set a memorial plaque on Memorial Day for Harlan. He was our webmaster and photographer for many years and will be missed. We will set several other plaques for others about 11 a.m. on May 31, Memorial Day.


For Dann,



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