Museum of the Forgotten Warriors     

Newsletter #53 July 2022

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Dear Friends,


Tammy Pack, our new museum administrator, has jumped in with both feet. The museum purchased a new laptop computer, a printer, and a laminator for her use. She is in the process of downloading the digitized record of the glass case displays and the information from the old desk top computer in the back of the library. Tammy and Brock manned a museum booth at the Stand Down during the July 28-30 period. She has reserved a booth at the Marysville Stampede on September 17 and 18.  


Benson Nickel was appointed to the new position of junior board member at the July 23 board meeting in recognition of his contribution to the museum as a docent and his impressive knowledge of WWII and the museum displays in general.


Tony Pinto has finally received permission from the VA and all the hoops have been traversed to get his heart valve replaced. The event will occur on Friday, August 5, at UC Davis. Join the museum board members in wishing for a resounding success and a quick recovery.


For Dann and Roberta,