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Newsletter #40 June 2021

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Hello, everyone,


Welcome to summer. We experienced a couple of hot days this month, but the Museum stayed comfortable. Folks are encouraged to visit early as there are things to see outside and it is just more pleasant when it is cooler.


My hip was replaced on June 14. I have graduated from a walker to a cane and continue to improve every day. Thanks to those of you who have stepped up and helped with cooking (DeeDee and Brock) while I can’t. We haven’t missed a Saturday lunch.


I want to take a moment to address rumors that are flying around. Yes, I am working on a plan with Yuba County to sell the Museum and have a 501(c)(3) continue to run it. Are we closing the Museum, NO, NO, NO! I am doing my best with the guidance of the board to find the answer for the next 30 plus years of the Museum because none of us will be here in 30 years! I have a video from Dann that contains his wishes for the continuation of the Museum. I know what he wanted and am doing my absolute best to ensure his wishes are fulfilled. Number one on the list is that the Museum stay right where it is and continue to operate as it always has. This is what we are trying to make sure happens. 


When Dann and I moved here in 1978 from SoCal, and Dann founded the Museum in our garage, I never thought it would become what it is today. I am trying to honor everyone represented in the Museum and my husband’s wishes as best as I can. So, if any of you have questions, please call me! Don’t spread rumors and gossip. It is helpful to no one. If anything, this hip issue has shown me that I can’t keep up the yardwork forever. In fact, for six weeks while I can’t, we are using a yard service. I cannot get on a riding mower!


June was really busy. We had many visitors and new things showed up at the Museum. Things are always being added and there is always something interesting to see. Kids from Lindhurst High School ROTC volunteered every Saturday in June. The SAYLove group came last Saturday and completed several chores. A group of airmen from Beale AFB volunteered. The state grant was approved for $5,000. The DAV donated $500. 


The Museum is alive and well. Come and hang out with us on any Saturday. Everyone is welcome. The public is welcome to attend our board meetings. A notice went out for our latest meeting that was held on June 5. 


Happy 4th in advanced


For Dann



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