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Newsletter #45 November, 2021

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The  gathering of board members and volunteers on Saturday, October 30, turned out to be an special board meeting. Mike O’Connor is spearheading our effort to become better known in the community and to find new ways of gathering donations. With that in mind, he has created an 8.5” x 11” donor page that will be used in this effort. 

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Mike brought in his Hanoi Hilton “pajamas” that were placed on a mannequin in the library. The simple, cotton, grey shirt and pants were what he wore as a POW in that infamous Vietnamese prison. The laughter and good-natured ribbing directed at the guys trying to put the mannequin together and threading the pajamas on the completed figure masked the seriousness of what the garment represented.

Bob Lovell and a friend visited the museum on Saturday, November 6. Bob is a local guy who is 89 years old and a Korean War vet. He was in the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir as an Army infantry soldier. This battle took place about a month after the Chinese entered the conflict and is considered by some historians as the most brutal in modern warfare.

November 11, Veterans Day, was a big deal for the museum volunteers. They volunteered for the annual parade and provided the guest speaker for the local Moose Club Veterans Day celebration. The speaker was Mike O’Connor. In addition, the museum was the destination of numerous individuals and families, many of whom had never visited prior to this date.

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Benson Nickel, our ten-year-old docent, presented Austin Webb, our 90-year-old docent and board member, with a military dog tag with Austin’s name, birthdate, Museum of the Forgotten Warriors, and a birthday greeting celebrating Austin’s November 16 birthday He also got to “fly” Phil Steck’s teeny two airplane that is housed at the museum.

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Austin Webb’s 90th birthday was celebrated on Saturday, November 20. As is tradition, Austin chose the lunch menu. He chose bologna sandwiches with mustard. The bologna was of the highest quality cut from a large log. Roberta made delicious tomato soup to accompany this epicurean delight.


A family, friends of Roberta, visited the museum on Saturday, November 26. Although the museum was closed to the public, Roberta opened it for them who wanted to view their relative’s museum donations. Bill Crocker was able to find the two locations in  the museum in which the items are displayed using the museum’s digitized records.


For Dann and Roberta Spear