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Newsletter #46 December, 2021

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Benson Nickel was nosing around the “catch-all” closet off the library where small items of all kinds are stored as well as writing supplies and other stuff. He found a pair of unusual lieutenant junior grade shoulder boards. They are nautical but are not Navy, Merchant Marine, NROTC, Coast Guard, Naval Academy, Cruise Lines, Sea Cadets, or Sea Scouts. They were made by Gemsco, General Embroidery & Military Supply Company. The company is no longer in business. Any ideas as to their identification?

LT(JG) Shoulder Board.jpg
LT(JG) Shoulder Board emblem.png

Bill Crocker continues to work on the website’s monthly donation page. Mike O’Connor created the donation form that will be downloadable from the website along with donation instructions.

Tommy Holtzman suggested that Bill Crocker write a series of articles about some of the museum donors. It’s a great idea. There are many great stories. The first one will be about Army TSgt Larry Soto who was a tank commander in WWII during the Battle of the Bulge. These articles will be emailed to our museum friends and placed on the website.


Mike O’Connor brought in the new bumper stickers to be distributed as part of the museum’s new monthly donation program. Bert Johnson created the image of an exhausted G.I. 

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The members of the museum Board of Directors wish all of the friends of the museum a very merry Christmas and a great 2022.


For Dann and Roberta,